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Ex-Men: Future Generation
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Ex-Men: Future Generation

Humans inherintly fear what they do not understand, even if (and, it would seem, especially if) that which is different is a fellow human being.

The sun is dawning on a new age of civilization, one in which humans are finally beginning to evolve past what we now consider normality. These products of years of basic evolutionary principles are known as mutants. They are essentially the same as "normal" humans, except that they possess extraordinary powers. These are both a curse and a blessing. Some would say this is just the basic Darwinian principle of survival of the fittest coming into play. Perhaps this is why these new mutants are so feared by everyone who is not like them - they feel that their very survival is at stake.

Imagine growing up a mutant. You are different from everyone else, strange, an outcast. There is no Xavier Institute to take you in. You have no one to turn to, no safe haven to run to, no one to take you in and protect you.

You have been branded since birth. You are no longer human: you are an ex-man.

This is an original character alternate universe (AU) X-men RPG in which the Xavier Institute does not exist. A mutant's powers can become apparent at virtual any time before the age of 25; anything after that is extremely rare and typically results in the mutant gaining their powers too quickly, never being able to really control them, and dying at a very young age. Otherwise, a mutant can gain their powers at the age of 2 or 17, it doesn't matter.

While I did say that there is no safe haven for mutants to turn to, well, I lied. What I meant to say is that there is no place like Xavier's, no big central location where mutants can go to live and be separate and safe from the rest of humanity. There are, however, plenty of underground organizations, mutants that form alliances that may even branch out into larger loosely connected groups that may or may not meet regularly. Otherwise, mutants basically just have to tough out life in the world of regular, ordinary people; whether they try to pass off as being normal or not is entirely their personal decision.

There is open membership, meaning anyone can join. You will need to apply, however, following the application guidelines below.

Application Guidelines
♥ Due to the nature of this RPG, characters will be prone to angstiness. However, I do not want fifty thousand applications of characters whose parents both died tragically, or whose parents hate them, or who are just plain whiny and angsty and annoying. While the setting does lend itself to producing angsty characters, I don't want the RPG to be completely filled with them. There are humans who accept mutants for who they are and are even allied with the cause; the whole world is literally against every single mutant alive. It's just like the issue of gay rights - many people are against it, but possibly even more are pro-gay rights. So look at it that way rather than the heavy, angsty way in which I initially presented it. ^^;;

♥ If you would like to be a member of an underground group, organization, affiliation, etc. that has already been established/created by another member, please contact that member prior to filling out your application in order to make sure that it is alright for your character to be a member of their group. I am not going to establish/create any such groups--I am leaving that up to you guys. Create your own group if you'd like, or be a loner, or join another member's previously established group, I don't particularly care. Just as long as your decision makes sense and you've followed the aforementioned rule in regards to joining another member's group. ;3

♥ Try to read all the other accepted applications before you fill out one yourself in order to avoid overlapping powers, and personas and character history in general. I'd like each character to be as unique as possible. We may have more than one telepathic mutant involved in the game at some point in time, but starting out, I'd prefer that overlap be avoided altogether.

♥ For the time being, and for purposes of character interraction, all characters should live in New York by the time rping starts (which could be at ANY MOMENT, OMG). Farai lives in NYC and Damien lives in Buffalo, so right now I'd like for every character to live in either one of those two cities, or in one of the surrounding cities (like the Bronx or Queens). Once we get more characters, we might be able to expand out of state, but for our purposes at the moment I'd like for each character to be within driving distance of every other character.

♥ Be patient. If I take a while to review your application, I apologize, but I actually do have a life. I'll get to you eventually, or hand you over to someone else to pass judgment on your app.

The Application
Personal Info
♥ Name:
♥ E-mail:

Character Info:
♥ Name:
♥ Age:
♥ Mutant Powers: (If you are applying for a non-mutant character, you may leave this blank.)
♥ Codename: (In this day and age, mutants don't exactly get assigned codenames by Professor Xavier, since he doesn't even exist. However, as in Static Shock, many will want to come up with codenames for themselves based on their mutant powers, just as Cyclops and Storm and all the other famous X-men did. If your character chooses to have a codename, that's great, and if they don't, that's fine, too. But codenames are just so much fun! You know you want one.)

♥ Affiliation: (If they are a member of an underground group, put its name here; if you are creating your own group, you will also need to describe the group and any other members it currently has, if applicable [this will only apply if you already know someone else who is going to apply and wants to be in your group, or if you are applying again with a second character who you would like to be in the same group as your first]. If you don't want other members to join your group, please say so here; otherwise members should assume that they can request for their character to join.)

♥ Physical Description: (Briefly describe your character's physical appearance, from their hairstyle and colour to the colour of their eyes, from their body type to the style of clothing that they wear.)

♥ Personality: (A description of how the character generally acts goes here.)

♥ NPCs: (Any non-playable characters may go here. The character's mother, father, uncle, brother, gerbil, etc. Putting them here means you and no one else may control them. Do not put any other mutants here--for that you'll have to write up and submit a separate application.)

♥ History: (Your character's personal history--did they grow up wealthy? Do they only have one parent? Were they accepted or shunned for being a mutant? Anything and everything applicable and relevant about their personal life will go here. But don't give me a novel detailing every single irrelevant moment of their existence from the moment they were born, because I really don't feel like sifting through all that.)

♥ Anything Else: (Anything else the application did not cover that you would like to include may go here. This may include flattery, bribery, pretty pictures of your character, any previous RPG experience you may have, your favourite X-men character, etc. I'm leaving this pretty much up to you. Dazzle me.)

♥ No god-moding. It's never any fun to rp with someone whose character never even gets caught off guard or misses an attack. Play fairly or don't play at all.

♥ Don't copy other people's characters. Originality is key here.

♥ If you're applying with a picture of your character, I don't want to see any photo manipulations (or image manipulations of any kind, for that matter), and I certainly don't want to see you using another person's art and claiming that it's of your character when it's not. This will earn you instant disqualification. If you can't create your own original art, then don't even bother submitting pictures to me.

♥ I've said it before and I'll say it again: read the other accepted applications. I don't want any major overlap in appearances, personalities, histories, or mutant powers.

♥ Have fun! And don't be afraid to ask me questions or give me suggestions. I'm not nearly as much of a psycho Nazi bitch as I may appear to be. Promise. ;3

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at harulovescheese@yahoo.com.

To Apply
Join this community (you do not have to add it to your friends list, although that would be nice). Make a post titled "Application to Join: _______" Where the underscore is, put either "Mutant" if you'd like to apply as a mutant, or "Human" if you'd like to apply as a non-human. Copy and past (or just write out) your entire application in this post, and please put it under an lj-cut; that would make everyone's life a little bit easier, I do believe.

If your application is rejected pending changes, you may make the changes, re-apply/edit your previous application, and the mod will make the change in her verdict accordingly.

You must wait for hipthrust to either accept or reject your application. You may also get an acceptance pending a change, addition, or alteration in your application. The details will be given in the mod's comment on your app. If you need anything else explained or you are not sure why you were rejected, simply reply to the mod's comment and you will get your explanation as soon as possible.

Until you are accepted, you may not make any posts to the community as your character.

How RPing Will Work
All roleplay will occur over at exmen_rp. This journal will be used only for applications, notices, and general rp-related conversation.

You must write in story format. That is, not asterisks to indicate actions, and no writing in script format (i.e. Person: blahblahblah). You may write in either first or second person.

Here's how rping with commence: One person posts the beginning of a scenario. The title of this entry must include their character's name, at least; the setting is optional. If you'd like one particular character to join, you may also post their name in the title, inviting them to join the party. After that, people may post comments onto the post to continue the rping goodness. To begin another scene elsewhere (and to avoid everyone rushing to one person's post and completely cluttering it), someone else may simply make another entry.

There is no set storyline at the moment, so as it is, just get warmed up, get some character development and interaction going, and have some fun!

hipthrust/savvyrp ("Savvy" Savera Lee) ♥ mod/founder
sailor_phobos (Rave) ♥ active member
thanoodles/n00dles_rp (Noodles) ♥ active member
acanti (Charissa) ♥ active member
burnslikeice (Leiko) ♥ active member
danc3thrusunday/leeannarrpii (LeeAnn) ♥ active member
otoselkie (Annagen Eva) ♥ active member

A full list of current characters can be found here.

♥ The Valkyries --> Lead by Sonata, this is a group of tough, kick-ass ladies, mutant and human alike. Open membership (ladies only).

♥ The rEvolution --> Comparable to Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants from the original X-men, the members' beliefs are that "mutants are the next stage of evolution, whose purpose is to take over the throne of dominant species and to watch the extinction of the Homo sapiens. "Open membership (coed).

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