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Personal Info
♥ Name: David (scoutlove3)
♥ E-mail: Scoutlove3@gmail.com

Character Info:
♥ Name: Venus Amarah
♥ Age: 17
♥ Mutant Powers: Manipulation of Dark Energy.

Venus has the ability to form Dark energy into solid matter. However, the amount of energy required usually takes a serious toll on her body, therfor Venus usually just takes dark energy and creates illusions (IE: Pheonixes/Dragons/etc...) to frighten and intimidate enemies. She also has the ability to manipulate dark energy in order to form a cloak of darkness or a dark cloud around her. She can use this ability to hide herself, her allies, and the cloud an enemy's vision.

Her actual cloak that she wears is also a product of her powers. It is pure dark energy that she has turned into matter.

♥ Codename: Nightmare

♥ Affiliation: None...as of right now. She has just discovered her mutant powers

♥ Physical Description: Venus is the product of an italian father and Greek Mother. She is pretty average height (about 5'6"). She has long brown hair (To her hips) and bright green eyes. She is pretty skinny (about 113lbs) but has curves. She usually wears lots of "girlie" clothes (Ie: Short skirts, camies, whatever's popular at the time)

Nightmare: She has a huge cape that drapes over her and a hood that causes a shadow to cover her face. The only visible thin on her are her eyes and some of her legs & arms.
*(more about this in her history)

♥ Personality: Venus is your typical high school senior. She can be very immature and silly. However she is a generally nice person and has a somewhat happy-go-lucky attitude. She likes to mess with people's emotions and meddel in other's affairs as much as she can. She also loves to flirt with boys in her school and anyoen she finds attractive (even teachers). She also can be arrogant and bratty at times. When venus becomes nightmare she is more serious and somewhat dark. She has a tendancy to be overbearing to the point where her motives may even be questionable.

♥ NPCs: Mom, Grandpa, And her dad (later in the plot, hopefully)

♥ History: Venus is born into a middle class family in a small apartment in New York City. Until about two years ago she lived with her father and mother. A little less than two years ago, her father mysteriously disappeared without a trace, leaving venus and her mother to fend for themselves. They moved into Venus' grandfather's (her mother's dad) apartment.

Venus's powers started to manifest about 2 months ago. She has begun to have nightmares in which she see's her fathers dead body, followed by a mysterious voice. Ever since these dreams occured venus has found herself, angry at her mother for no reason. In fact, she can barely stand the woman anymore. Night after night, venus would have the same nightmare. her father's bloodsoaked body, the scary yet inviting voice, and the hatred of her mother.

One night after having the same nightmare. Venus awoke to find herself hovering above her mother in a shroud of darkness. She could see and fell everything that she was doing but had no control over it. She watched as a dark cloud in the shape of a serpent slipped into her mothers bed. It was then that Raven's mother woke up, and seemed unable to see Venus.

Venus suddenly gained full control of her body and realized that she was controlling the
snake, she was controlling the dark clouds around her. She ran away that night (two months ago). She returned the next morning, telling her mother that she had gone for an early run to clear her head.

Since then, Venus has started to understand and learn about her mutant powers. She now calls herself Nightmare and has learned to controll her outbursts of anger. She can only turn into Nightmare when she is provoked or angered. (She usually thinks about her actual nightmare in order to transform into her other persona) She has also learned to control the energy and manipulate it into shapes and actual matter. However she does not know when it is an illusion or when it is actual matter. She has not learned to control that ability yet. But she can form a cloak around her from the dark energy she pulls forth. The cloak is what allows her to hover.

While Nightmare is venus' Codename, whenever she transforms, she seems to turn into a completely different person. Nightmare tends to be emotionless and to-the-point. She has no real guidelines of right and wrong. She just does what she feels needs to be done. There is very little trace of Venus when Nightmare is around.

Venus knows that she is a different persona when in Nightmare form. She hates the dark, feeling she gets when she is Nightmare. However she loves the freedom that being Nightmare brings her. There is alot of inner turmoil with Venus.

♥ Anything Else: My fave xmen character is storm. I love anime. I like boys. I hate bannanas. I Roleplay ALOT. I love RP's that have a seperate journal for OOC posts and such. THANK YOU. I go to college. I'm a musical theatre & Japanese Double major. I'm cool....I think. Please accept me. Fin.

(Sorry i keep editing this, but I've been reading over all the character's profiles and everyone else's is soo detailed)
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