likes p0pc0rn (n00dles_rp) wrote in exmen,
likes p0pc0rn

Waha I'm so sorry this sucks but I had to post this up <4

TADAAAAAM! I love Damien omg, I couldn't resist :x I hope you like it even if it is a stinky little picture <33334 *loves on Damien*

*runs away waving arms*
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DAMIIIIIIIENNNNNNNNNNNNN <333333 How could I not love this, heso adoraaaaaable *loves on Noodles* his face is so naieve and cutesy x3 *runs after you*
Eeeee! I'm so happy that you liked it! <33333 *continues to run away omg*

Aaaaawe, lookit the cute little Damnienness! *squeals and pets him* He's such a cutie-pie. ^-^ I love the Weimen brothers so much, homg. *rapesRussell* <444