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Application to join: Mutant

Personal Info
♥ Name: SECRET HAHAHAHA *falls on face*
♥ Email: admire the emptiness!

Character Info:
♥ Name: Laura Pereira
♥ Age: 22
♥ Mutant Powers: Red can take or give vital energy to other living beings through direct touch. She has full control on her powers, she can absorb the amount of energy she needs without having to worry about exaggeration. If she wants to cease the process even if she is still in contact with another body, then she will. When energy is transferred, the receiver will increase their strength, agility and intelligence temporarily, depending on the amount of energy received; while the one who the energy is removed from will temporarily loose their strength, agility and capability to react, depending on the amount of energy that was taken from him or her.

The durability of the extra/less energy also depends on the quantity of energy transferred (but Red takes less time to recover the energy if it's taken from her). In other words, Red's power obeys to the rules of equivalent trade.

The reason Laura was codenamed 'Red' is because she firstly considered this to be some sort of "vampiric" power and related it to blood, which lead to the name.
♥ Codename: Red

♥ Affiliation: rEvolution. Even though she is Alexander's most trusted colleague and the member with the second highest rank, Red has always felt uncomfortable with rEvolution's violent ideals.

♥ Physical Description: Laura is a beautiful woman. She's not the kind that would make a man drop dead at first sight, but her beauty is securely above average, even if it's rather simple and typical.
She has red, almond shaped eyes with long eyelashes and thin eyebrows. She has a long and smooth face, on which her thick lips stand out. (She often uses a dark lipstick on them.)

Quite typical on Iberians, Laura's hair is dark brown with a hint of an orange/red tone. It is long and slightly wavy, cut short on the front (fringe) and gradually getting longer until it reaches the back. She rarely (or never) uses anything to decorate her hair.

Laura is also quite elegant. She is thin but not very athletic, since she never relied much on physical activities. She has moderate curves and is about 5,84 ft tall. Her clothing style is varies around the dark and discreet tones - going from black leather jackets to red pants and high-heel boots. She likes to dress in a very feminine way and knows how to look good.

♥ Personality: Red is quiet, kind, intelligent and mature. She thinks before she acts, analyzes each and every situation and tries her best to find the best response for it. She is skilled at communicating with other people, and her calm and serene posture easily settles down fights or heated discussions. Red believes that everything can come to terms without necessarily having to use violent methods, even if she is aware that rEvolution's ideals aren't based on that policy. But she tries her best to calm down the beast.

As a friend, Laura is a good listener and wise adviser. She is known in rEvolution for her kindness and members often turn to her to confess their personal problems and to seek for help. They usually choose to talk to Red than to Alexander, perhaps because she is female and represents a maternal image to them, and because she is less intimidating than the leader. They are not so afraid to appear vulnerable to her.
When Laura is not with her fellow teammates and/or a mission, she turns into a serious dealer. She leaves nothing to chance and fiercely obeys the orders that are given to her. She might occasionally change a thing or two during her operation, but she makes sure that the differences aren't too radical while avoiding any violent confrontation or forceful actions (unless she sees no other solution). If she sees that she must attack someone unfairly, she will have no problems in explaining her reasons and respectfully presenting her sincere apologies. She will not do any of the mentioned if she doesn't feel any obligation.
Red is the second leader of the rEvolution. If Alexander is not in the headquarters or incapable of assuming his responsibilities, Laura will take his place temporarily and make sure that no problems occur. Due to the nature of her powers, she is also Alexander's "doctor". If he feels weaker from any confrontation, Red will transfer energy to him so that she can be fully active again. This is kept a secret and he does not allow her to do the same with the other members.

She also takes care of the Public Relations. She often communicates with organizations that aid mutants; tries to have peaceful arrangements and change the minds of governments that are against them. She has prevented several conflicts and attacks from the rEvolution thanks to her skills and influence on Alexander. If she wasn't an important member of the team, it would probably have a worst reputation than it does now.

When Red manages to get some free time, she chooses to read a book or to take a peaceful walk around the city. She loves to find new places and visit interesting locations- she gives importance to her cultural knowledge. She prefers to spend these breaks alone, with the company of no one except of her shadow.
Of course, Red also keeps an eye open to find potential new members for the rEvolution. She knows well how a scared mutant acts and easily detects one, especially when they accidentally use their powers (even if they manage to not catch the attention of the crowd). Her approach is always calm, kind and inviting.

♥ NPCs: Mother; Father; Helena (older sister; deceased)

♥ History: Laura was born in Portugal, child of a hardworking father and conservative mother. She was the second daughter of the family and supposed to have had a twin sister, who died during labor. In a strange way, her mother never forgave her for the death of the baby, even if there was clearly no blame to be given to anyone.

Her mother never gave much attention to Laura, preferring to praise and pamper her eldest sister, Helena. No matter how good her grades were, no matter how hard she tried to impress her mother, she would never get any positive attention and would always be left behind if she didn't keep up with the pace.

Her father, though, was not cold with her. He worked a lot and had little time for his daughters, but he spent his free hours with Laura and gave her the love she looked for in her mother whenever he could. He was basically the person that prevented Laura from becoming a sad, distant and lonely child. He taught her how to deal with her personal and school problems, aiding her in her homework during the weekends and helping her study for her tests every night after dinner. He read her bedtime stories, enrolled her in piano lessons and bought her little prizes for her good school grades. But he also imposed the house's rules and taught her how to behave properly, because a spoiled child wasn't a good child. Basically, he was everything that Laura's mother never wanted to be.

Finally, Laura's older sister Helena. They had four years of difference, so they were rather distant and their ages and mentalities often clashed. Their mother pampered Helena and did anything she wanted, so Laura's sibling inevitably became a spoiled girl. When their parents weren't at home, Helena forced Laura to do everything for her and took credit for all of it. She wasn't a total bitch with Laura; they had their good times. But Helena couldn't really care less about Red, perhaps influenced by their mother's behavior towards the younger sister.

Laura was on her 15th spring when she discovered her powers. It was late at night and she had a very important exam on the next morning. Her mother entered Laura's room abruptly, complaining about the light and the noise that the girl was making. The teenager felt too tired, exhausted even, to face her mother and asked her to leave, only to increase her mother's anger. When her mother grabbed her arm, an unintentional transfer of energy occurred: while Laura suddenly felt more awake and stronger, her mother could barely stand up straight. Being the intelligent girl she was, Laura settled everything with her parent (her mother was too weak to yell at Laura) and investigated about the strange event on the following day.

Laura was only 16 when her life changed dramatically. Her sister died in a car crash during New Year celebrations and her mother filed for divorce with Laura's father. He was forced to leave the house and both fought for the girl's custody (Laura was shocked to know that her mother wanted to keep her) and her mother won against the odds. It was only a matter of time until the mother's depression from Helena's death grew and lead her to consume alcohol and, obviously, to destroy her own and Laura's life.

Red decided to leave her mother's house. She spent some months on her father's apartment, working on part-time jobs to gather enough money to travel to the United Kingdom, where she had heard of a group that was aiding teenage mutants. She kept it all a secret from her father until she managed to arrange the means necessary to fulfill her ambition. A week before she departed, she sat down with her father and explained to him everything that he needed to know. He understood her daughter and stood by her side all the way.
When she arrived at the United Kingdom, she had to use the little knowledge she had on the English language to survive, until she finally met Alexander. She was three years older than him, but his personality soon persuaded her to join his team and to become the strong woman she is today.

♥ Anything Else: Here's a rushed picture of Red :x here omg
I was thinking that Red could eventually leave the rEvolution and become a member of the Valkyries (only further on our RP) ^^"

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