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application to join - mutant

Personal Info
♥ Name: LeeAnn hu else
♥ Email: not so fast, homie

Character Info:
Name: Russell Weiman (Russel means "little red one" in French)
Age: 21
Mutant Powers: The power to shed and repair his 'outer' skin at will, flexibility, grace, and double-jointed-ness? (my mutants are such underachievers) See History for more.
Codename: Grayscale

Affiliation: None yet, but Russell would probably jump at the chance to be in almost any sort of group if he felt it would benefit him in some sort of way, and he also wants to meet more mutants. He'd say no to groups like the rEvolution, because he doesn't like the idea of violence all that much.

Physical Description: Russel's a pretty tall guy at around 5'11''. His hair is red like Damien's, but a little darker and with bangs that cover one eye. His hair's also a bit longer and more carefree, he doesn't always comb it perfectly all the time. His eyes are dark blue, and his skin is a normal caucasian tone.


That's just his outward appearance. Russell's "real" skin is gray and almost silver in color, with a texture like that of a fish's scales, but softer. It's covered by a layer of 'protective' outer skin that looks like any other person's. (This is why his parents never discovered it, his outer skin was like 'baby fat' when he was younger.)

Russell also has one small tattoo - a blue and black heart on the left side of his chest, below the collarbone. Doesn't make sense at first because you'd think it would come off with his skin, but the dye transferred to his 'hidden' skin and shows through. Somehow. It's mind-boggling I tell you.

Personality: At first I thought that writing "womanizer" here would be sufficient, but then I supposed that wouldn't fly too well, so here goes:

Russell may be a lady's man, but he's a really, really nice guy at heart. He's had a number of girlfriends since entering high school, but never really has found someone he can truly relate to. That's part of the reason he's been looking for more mutants to join up with (read: mutant girls). He's still on good terms with almost all his exes, and is just plain friendly.

One of his favorite things to do is dance. Not ballet dance, silly, but on the dance floor at a club or somewhere. He loves the music and the crowds. Russell knows all the good clubs in Buffalo and NYC, and he's a regular at many of them.

He also sort of has a thing for Japanese Rock (JRock), and his favorite song is 'ROBOTMAN' by The Pillows (real song!).

NPCs: Mother, Father, his numerous girlfriends?, Damien

History: Russell led a very normal, very ordinary life in an upperclass neighborhood with his parents and younger brother, Damien. The two were never all that close, though, as Russell's 4 years older and they never went to school together. Also, Russell never really spent too much time at home, but at school and with friends.

When he was young, maybe 5 or 6, Russell first discovered his 'powers'. He was in the bathroom brushing his teeth when he suddenly slipped and cut his hand on his father's shaving razor which was on the counter. Russell was going to call out to his mother for help when he realized that his hand wasn't bleeding. At all. In fact, the skin was already starting to grow back. Russell began experimenting with this and realized he had a whole 'nother layer of skin underneath.

He quickly learned to master the appearance of his skin and would spend a lot of time in the bathroom staring in the mirror and shifting his skin around. Now he's able to shed his skin at will (it doesn't shed like a reptile does, but just sort of...dissapears under the other layer) and grow it back just as fast. It also naturally repairs itself without him willing it to. (Because of this, he's never really had any acne either ;P)

Russell can still bleed if both sets of skin are damaged. In this case, he'll leave his outer skin open so the cut can heal, and cover it up somehow (bandage, clothes, etc.) so no one's suspicious. If he hurts himself while he's with someone else, he'll quickly regrow the skin and tend to the damage when he's alone later and as soon as he can. Then, it'll just look like he has a discolored bruise.

And where Damien has speed, Russell has grace. This is probably part of the reason that he likes to dance, because he can dance well. He's also extremely flexible and all his fingers are double-jointed (he can bend them backwards and forwards).

Russell finds his mutant-ness very cool and doesn't think of it as something that makes him wrong, or different. He prefers to keep it to himself, though, as his own little secret. If he were to meet another mutant, he'd probably would figure out some creative way to demonstrate his talent (maybe 'accidentally' tripping and cutting himself and then showing that he's not bleeding, etc)

The oddest thing is, both Russell and Damien are both mutants, but neither of them know of the other's powers. Damien's been too terrified of himself, and Russell just never felt like telling his brother. He doesn't think Damien would be able to handle it either, poor kid. In this way he's a good brother, even if they only see eachother every so often.

Russell now attends Buffalo State University (aka Buff State - real place! my parents went there) and is taking courses in journalism, public speaking, and drama in order to become a news reporter. He also takes as few courses at a time as possible because he always seems to be busy (read: lazy and a partier. He also has a few part-time jobs and comes back home to visit his family once in a while and when he feels like it. He has a good relationship with his parents.

Anything Else: Russell's hawt. Any takers?

I'm thinking that he could maybe chase after some of the girls in the Valkyries, even though they'll probably all...beat him up or something. O___o I'll post more pics of him as soon as I finalize his outfit or something.
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