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Character Info
Name: Kara D'Angelo
Name Reference/Meaning: In Norse mythology, Kara was a Valkyrie (and a swan maiden, whatever the hell that means) who ran into her husband's sword while trying to prevent a battle.
Age: 18

Mutant Powers: Any substance she touches, she can replicate. For example, if she touches acid, even with part of one finger, her fingertips, tongue, and any other part of her body can secrete acid at no physical damage to herself. (When she touches it for the first time, she feels it exactly as any normal human would. When she secretes the substance, it causes her no pain or physical damage, and from that point on, touching it causes her no pain or damage, either.) If she touches a very strong adhesive, her skin can simulate its texture/effect, and she can climb walls just as well as Spider-man can. If she touches a very hot substance, she can make herself feel extremely hot to the touch. So not only can she simulate the texture, the feel, the effect of a substance along her skin, she can also secrete it, shoot it from her fingers or make it ooze from her pores. She's just versatile like that. What's more, once she touches something, she "remembers" it, stores it in her repertoire of substances to replicate for later use and can call on it at any time.
Codename: Tactile

Affiliation: The Valkyries.

Physical Description: Kara looks every bit a part of her heritage - Cambodian and Greek. Her skin is a deep, olive tan and her dark almost black eyes are slanted in a stereotypically Asian manner. Her nose is rather large and bulbous and her left nostril is pierced (she usually wears a rather large silver ball in the piercing). She prefers to go au naturale, wearing little to no makeup (in sharp contrast to Freya...) aside from typically dark lipstick.

Her hair is...interesting. Her bangs are very long, falling about midway down her neck, and they cover her eyes most of the time (she is continually blowing, flipping, or brushing them out of her face, yet they always manage to come back to their original position obscuring her view of the world), though she sometimes manages to split them down the middle, and even then they partially if not entirely cover her eyes. ^^;; She regularly dyes her hair so that the left and right edges of her bangs are black and the bit in the center is white. A long, thin bunch of hair falls from in front of either ear and falls down somewhere below her breasts. These are both coloured white. The rest of her hair is cut very short in a boy's cut, and she typically spikes it (read: she slaps some gel on her hands and runs them through her hair as if she were washing it). This part of her hair is neon green. All parts of her hair that are dyed white glow in the dark. Her green hair glows under black light.

Kara is short, standing at about 5'3," but is quite well filled out for her height. Her breasts and hindquarters are well-developed and round (everyone says she has a J-Lo butt, and the fact that she wears tight pants only accentuates this), and her waist is fairly small, which gives her nice appealing curves. She's stocky, but mainly because she's so well muscled, and she still looks pretty damn good to any guy who's just going for looks.

Because her power is touch-based, she prefers to wear as little clothing as possible, if only for convenience. She actually hates the attention it gets her ("I can't help it that all men are pigs"), but function comes first. She also prefers tight, hugging clothing simply because she likes it. Nothing too tight, of course (she prefers to keep her oxygen supply flowing, thankssomuch), but tight enough to warrant stares and drooling.

Her only distinguishing mark is the tattoo on her left shoulder. If you couldn't tell that she was a raving feminist by the way she acts, her tat will get the message across. It symbolizes the female, as it is a combination of simplified and stylized representations of female genetalia (though it looks quite a bit like a tulip at first glance)--two curvy lines represent the ovaries, and within them is the shape of a vagina. I have a picture of it, I just need to scan it. >.> It looks like this-->

Personality: Kara is a tough little Greco-Asian girl with an attitude. She's a bitter, bitchy feminist who's always looking for a chance to bitch about how disgusting men are, to voice the extreme disdain she has for them. She's very vocal, loud, outspoken, upfront, and blunt. She doesn't mince words, but she's not nearly as suave and charming about it as Freya is - she'll just shout in people's faces, stick her tongue out at people, give them the finger, jump on them, slug them in the face, step on their foot, etc. She doesn't take crap from anyone, and she's very temperamental, especially when gender comes into the picture. Here's a scenario for you:

Stupid guy: Girls aren't meant for construction work.
Kara: Oh really. And why is that, dare I ask?
Stupid guy: Because. Look at you. You were built for lifting heavy objects and working machinery. That's a man's job.
Kara: *eyetwitch* I'll show you what I'm built for. *punches the guy in the face and knees him in the groin* Not meant for construction work my ass...

On top of being willing to make a scene over what one might consider normal idiotic male behavior, she's also very brazen about being a mutant - she'll use her powers right out in the open if someone pisses her off enough, or if she thinks it'll accomplish something she couldn't without their aid (or which would be more difficult or complicated, at any rate). She doesn't mind the stares, but she doesn't do it for the attention, either; rather, because it would simply be less annoying or troublesome to just come right out and do something upfront than to sneak around in the shadows pretending she can't do what she can. She prefers the easy, straightforward way to the roundabout, secure way, and Freya's always forced to clean up after her.

NPCs: Gunner, her roommate and close personal friend. Also a member of the Valkyries, Gunner was actually Kara's connection to the organization. She also has a brother, Rodrigo, who lives in Buffalo. Rodrigo is currently 21 and attends the same school as Farai. Oh and there's her aunt, Acantha, but she lives in Queens, and the two rarely see each other.

History: Going along with my theme of characters who were born in other countries and moved to the US, Kara was born in Cambodia. However, when she was very young, perhaps two or three, her parents sent her and her brother overseas with her aunt Acantha (her mother's sister) because they were having financial trouble, and they felt that their daughter would have a better opportunity in America than she would in Cambodia.

Once in America, Acantha found a small, cramped apartment in Queens, where she barely made rent every month working two jobs. She hardly ever had time to be home with Kara and her brother, so they sort of learned to take care of each other, and though Rodrigo often refuses to admit it, Kara took care of him more than he took care of her, despite the fact that he's the older one.

She and her brother attended public school, though they ditched more often than they actually attended class. By the time Kara was in middle school they were both rather troublesome little street urchins, which their aunt greatly disapproved of, though she was hardly home enough to find out the frequency with which they ditched and thus to punish them.

So Kara's biggest influences growing up were her brother and his tough little friends, living more on the streets than they did at home and doing the whole badass boy thing. Being the only girl, Kara had to constantly prove herself - had to prove how tough she was, how brave she was, and how strong she was. Her brother never really stood up for her, and so she learned never to rely on men and to make a name for herself, of her own right.

By the time she was in high school her name was commonspeak among the kids on the street. She got involved in streetfighting during her first year in high school, and soon kicked more ass than all the boys around, even the seniors. She had her own band of followers but preferred to kick it alone, and never stopped proving herself. Her constant ditching, however, and her lack of interest in school eventually led to her not graduating, and so she is now taking her senior year for the second time in a row. She doesn't like school any more than she did before, but now she knows she has to pass, if only to get out of the damned school system she so despises.

Right about the time she got involved in streetfighting, she met Gunner. Four years older than her, Gunner was a well-renowned streetfighter herself who lived in her own apartment and worked her way through life. She was also the first person to lay the smackdown on Kara. And Kara respected her (though she hated her at first). The two became extremely close in a very short period of time, because they both proved themselves to each other, proved how much ass they kicked in their own right, and they both came to respect and trust one another like family.

By sophomore year Kara practically lived at Gunner's house, the two were together so much. One day Gunner decided that Kara was ready, and she brought her to see Freya. Upon inspecting her, Freya (with one of her coy little smiles) decided that, while she had potential, she still didn't have what it took. To this Kara responded by getting extremely angry, yelling that she didn't know jack shit about her, how could she judge her when she'd hardly met her, she could take anyone and anything she could throw at her, she was the toughest girl on the block, etc. Freya's smile broadened. "You've got spunk, kid. A temper, too. But you're still not ready." And with that, she sent her on her way.

Kara, determined more than anything to prove this "high class bitch" wrong, began "training," fighting more than ever and gradually gaining a larger supply of whoopass. Within a year she was back at Freya's doorstep, ready to prove herself. "I was wondering what took you so long," Freya told her with a smile. Without even asking to see how her skills had developed, she let her into the Valkyries, explaining that her show of perserverance, if only to prove her wrong, had proved what she had been hoping she would prove - how her potential could be realized.

Over the years, Kara has grown extremely close with Freya, and actually lives in her exclusive "dormatory" (essentially a huge mansion with many huge rooms stocked with beds; Freya also lives there) in NYC, among the ranks of Freya's most promising and highly regarded Valkyries. She actually has one of the few prized rooms with only two beds; Gunner is her only roommate.

Anything Else: Kara is Freya's right-hand woman, and the two are very close. Kara hangs on every word Freya says and adores and respects her because she knows she relies on much more than her body and her charm to get her places in life. Oh and I have a sketch, but I have no time to scan. Here it is! Ciao!
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