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here come the Valkyries

Personal Info
Name: Savvy, der

Character Info
Name: Freya Steinbeck
Name Reference/Meaning: Freya was the name of the fiesty warrior leader of the Valkyries in Norse mythology :3
Age: 25

Mutant Powers: Freya can change/manipulate physical and emotional sensations using sound (more specifically, her voice). She speaks with deliberate intentions, the people in the room change the way they're feeling - happy to sad, apathetic to excited. Men can become aroused and entire crowds can go silent with undivided awe, all because of Freya's miraculous voice. Because of her power over sound, she can also manipulate soundwaves, though to a more limited extent, as this is her secondary power - she can intensify soundwaves, slow them down or speed them up to shatter glass, or send enemies flying just by clapping her hands, stomping her foot, or snapping her fingers. She must do something to create sound in order for her powers to work, however obvious that may seem--something like clapping her hands, snapping her fingers, or stomping her foot, as I mentioned earlier. She can also use her voice, which is her primary power conductor, as she is used to using it for her main power.
Codename: Sonata

Affiliation: The Valkyries. Freya is not only a high-ranking member of the Valkyries, she is also they're leader and founder. The Valkyries are an underground association of strong, powerful women across the globe who don't take crap from anybody. They tend to be feminists, though how this manifests itself varies from woman to woman. They all have attitude, that's for certain, and are incredibly strong in one way or another. Believe me, you don't wanna mess with these ladies. They pack a mighty powerful punch, mutant and human alike.

This organization was also formed to take in girls with potential whose potential is being squandered or otherwise disallowed to blossom. Freya takes in girls off the street or out from under the oppressive or abusive wing of their parents. However, she is a picky mistress, and while (or perhaps because) she sees potential in the girls she brings in and wants them to grow and become stronger, she tests them. She wants to see just how strong they are, and if they can prove themselves to her, they're in. Freya's girls usually hear about her organization somehow, whether through a network of connections or through one of her girls personally, or they are brought in by one of her fine ladies. And she tests every one of them personally to see if they've got the stuff to join her ranks.

Physical Description: I hate to be the bringer of the first babeular femme fatale, but that's exactly what Freya is, plain and simple. Her hair is golden brown with cascading shades of red and gold that come out when the light hits it just right, and it falls down to about her mid-back. She took a few courses in hair care when she was in high school, and her hair is nearly always perfect as a result; whether it's done up in an elaborate design, pulled back in a simple yet elegant style, or simply curled with a twist, it always looks absolutely amazing. Her eyes are a sharp golden hazel tone with amber flecks. Her makeup is always perfectly done. She's an incredibly snazzy dresser and can usually be seen wearing stylish suits, sexy dresses, or elegant "casual wear." She always looks absolutely stunning. Her skin is a dark creamy tan with a hint of auburn. Her nails are always perfectly manicured. Her body...well let's just go completely over the top here. She's got curves that could knock nearly any man off his feet; long, sumptuous legs; slender, elegant fingers; shapely arms; well-toned (though not visibly so) muscles; and a long, slender ovaline face. Model material, most definitely. Without the...bullemic, heroine-addicted look. She does have some meat on her bones, you know.

Personality: If you could choose two words to describe Freya, they would be beautiful and dangerous. Sure, she's got grace, poise, elegance, and charm; she's the perfect liaison and spokesperson. I honestly think she could sweep anyone off their feet with her grace and eloquence. But mind not to underestimate her. She really doesn't like that. She's got a biting tongue and razor-sharp wits to match, and she's quick on her feet and even quicker with a comeback to bite you in the ass. Hard. She's extremely independent and doesn't like having anyone hold her back. The only people she feels she really needs are her girls (the Valkyries); they're like a family to her.

Freya's a tough lady, and she can fend for herself, so it really ticks her off when people assume that, because she's a woman (and an incredibly gorgeous one, at that), she's weak or needs a man to take care of her. Wrong. And she likes to prove them wrong, too. Not to say that she's show-offy. Quite the opposite, actually. Freya's a behind-the-scenes kinda gal in a not-so-traditional sense, preferring to go to suave parties and mingle quietly, slipping amongst everyone else and having intellectual conversations into which she always manages to slip the topics of mutants. My point is that, rather than being an up-front, out in the open advocate of mutant rights, attending, leading, and organizing marches and the like, she prefers to make connections, form a secure network from them, and run her organization quietly without a lot of fuss. It just makes things so much easier that way.

Because of her rather subtle approach to getting things done, she has become more or less an urban legend among mutants, a rumor that's actually true, and she is a powerful, well-recognized figure in the mutant underground. If you wanna join her ranks, you've got to have gaul and you've got to have persistence. If she doesn't think your Valkyrie material, she'll tell you, straight up. She's very no-nonsense and doesn't like to mess around or waste time. However, if a girl believes strongly enough that she has what it takes and can prove herself to Freya, she'll take her in with open arms.

Freya isn't the one to mince words in much of any situation. She won't sugar-coat things or pad them down so people won't get their feelings hurt. If a guy comes on to her and she's not interested (which is the case more often than not), she'll tell them quite sweetly with a coy little smile to go look for an easy fuck someplace else, because she's not it. And if anyone gives her any trouble, well, she's fluent in three languages aside from English: kick-boxing, shutokan, and self-defense. If her words don't get "leave me the fuck alone" across, then her actions certainly will. As if that isn't enough, she's also studying law, and she'll soon have the fully developed mental capacity of a lawyer at her disposal as well. Geez. I wouldn't mess with her, if I were you.

NPCs: Her father, Axel, and her mother, Isabel. They both live in Argentina.

History: Freya was born in Argentina to an Argentinian mother, Isabel, and a Norwegian father, Axel. Her mother was an extremely strong woman who never let anyone take advantage of her and always appeared to be in control of the situation and commanded great respect from all those around her.

Growing up, Freya was immersed in an environment in which women were on the top of the food chain. Her mother owned the local shutokan dojo and taught her that a woman's greatest assets were her intelligence and her physical prowess - if she had those, she could command respect from anyone. Her mother began to teach her the art of shutokan when she was very young, probably around six or seven, and she continued to learn until she struck out on her own.

By the time she was thirteen she was the strongest girl in her town, and no one dared pick on her. Added to the fact that she could beat up any boy around, she was also incredibly brilliant. Her father was a lawyer, and he taught her at home in addition to the education she received at school and at her mother's dojo, so she grew up not only with book smarts and street smarts, but with wit and cunning, and an edge, as well - that her father taught her. He was a brilliant man, a perfect match for Isabel, for her never let her walk all over him and they kept each other in check, never crossing over each other's boundaries. Freya was very savvy to the way they operated and adopted their habits into her own life when she got older.

Freya's parents were not wealthy. They did not come from a wealthy family, and they were not wealthy themselves, and although her father did make fairly good money, they certainly weren't rich. She was used to having to work hard to get what she wanted, and she learned early on that perserverance and hard work got you everywhere in life. You never let other people boss you around or use you as a doormat; always assert yourself and command respect, even if people aren't willing to give it to you without a fight. So fight. She learned this from both her parents, though particularly her mother, who had to struggle to gain her current status (as a woman, she was still discriminated against and looked down upon in Argentinian culture). She also learned this, however, from real life experiences - she too was a woman, and not only that, a mutant woman.

When she was very young, around ten or eleven, she got in a fight with a boy at her school who told her she was weak because she was a girl. Freya, whose temper had not yet been properly trained (as it now is), became upset, enraged, frustrated. She yelled at the boy, almost screaming through tears, told him that he was the one who was weak, that he was lower than dirt for insulting her and for judging her, and that he should be ashamed. All of a sudden the boy began to cry, sob even, confessing how horrible he felt as he huddled into a ball and rocked back and forth to the astonishment of all his classmates (who then proceded to point and laugh, of course, as children can be the cruelest judges of all).

Freya was shocked, as well. She went home and told her mother what had happened, as she was always honest with her mother (who also taught her that honesty and straight-forwardness were honored above all other virtues), and she just smiled knowledgeably. "That would be your power, then," her mother told her wisely. She too was a mutant, one possessing super-speed, both physically and mentally. (In a sense Freya also has her mother's mutant powers embedded psychologically in her persona.) So Isabel went about training her daughter to use her powers properly, teaching her how to control them, how to use them to her advantage, when to use them and when to refrain from using them.

Not only did Freya grow up in a supportive environment with two strong roll-models for parents, she also grew up in a house over which a pantheon of gods ruled. Her father brought Norse mythology to the table, and her mother brought Egyptian, being as she preferred it to Christianity. This open-mindedness in regards to religion still comes into play as she continues to grow throughout her lifetime.

When she graduated high school, she knew she wanted to continue her education, so she worked for a year to get enough money to travel to America. At the age of 19 she was attending a prestigious Ivy League university along the east coast, and by 23 she had her degree and began working on her graduate certificate in law. She is now attending a law school in NYC, New York.

Anything Else: Freya is a kickass bitch and you all should love, adore, and worship her. The end. ♥

PS - Here is a prettyfull nakey picture of Freya. No, not there, here. Silly.

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