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Application to join: Mutant

*hides from the flying tomatoes*

Personal Info:
Name: I'm Noodles (thanoodles) but you already know that :x

Character Info:
Name: Alexander Parker
Age: 19
Mutant Powers: A word to define Alexander's power is, invasive. Besides the fact that his eyes are completely white, Alexander has the ability to switch consciences with another person, whether it is a mutant; a human or even an animal. Not only that, but he can put the other person's conscience in total comatose. This kind of power demands a lot of energy from Alex, so he can only apply it to one target at a time.

When his mind is in a new body, he gains access to the physical aspects of the host (the voice, the abilities and powers if there are any); the only things he cannot access are psychological aspects (the memories and personality). It's easy to spot him using the right strategy.

Alexander can only switch conscience by eye contact. If the target looks at him, he won't need much more than the fraction of a second to begin the process and invade the target's body. Once it is done, he can only switch again if he chooses to.

Codename: Exchange (he's called Alex by his teammates)

Affiliation: rEvolution

Physical Description: Alexander is Caucasian; between pale and tanned. His skin has no markings other than his tattoo.

Alexander's hair is straight and warm brown in a regular short haircut. His fringe doesn't go any lower than his cheeks, framing his elongated and exotic face.

He has an Amon-Ra's Eye tattoo under his one of his sharp and completely white eyes (the right one). His eyes are unusual enough to catch the attention of a stranger, but what really brings people's interest to his face is his charming and confident smile.

He is tall, slender and athletic, with long legs and arms. His fingers are thin, even a bit bony, and for some reason people are intrigued with the way they flow so smoothly when he drums them (a habit of his).

Alex is also very good with words. He has an articulate and jovial voice that sounds very smooth in people's ears.

He often wears dark clothes; hates jeans and bright colors, so he is often found wearing a dark shirt and black pants. It's rare for him to wear t-shirts: the day may be unbearably hot – he will use long sleeved shirts and feel comfortable.

Personality: Put simply, Alex is charming, intelligent and manipulative. He has a good eye for spotting opportunities or situations that will benefit for him. It often seams like he is acting spontaneously, but Alex is actually a very calculative man; he thinks of every detail and possible consequence of his actions.

Alexander knows a great portion about human behavior and psyche. He can almost predict the reaction his words might provoke in a conversation. Not only that, but he is also an attentive observer; he can spot facts and details that most would easily ignore.

One fact that causes some controversy in the people that actually know Alex beyond his appearance is the fact that his sexual orientation swings to both sides. Whether it is a girl or a boy doesn't matter to him - if he likes him or her, he will have no problems in approaching him/her and discreetly letting him/her know of his interest. His interest usually sparks in exotic of different people; individuals that aren't your average kind of guy/girl.

Alexander has an articulate speech and often uses his broad vocabulary and classic British accent to seduce somebody he fancies - and his delighting conversations are so believable no one would ever suspect that the majority of the things he tells are complete lies.

When the curtains are down and Alex is with people he knows he can trust, his personality shifts; his manipulative and mysterious characteristics give place to a friendly, confident and captivating person. He gives special attention to the younger members or to the ones without much experience with their powers. He will gladly help and develop them to becoming stronger, braver and more powerful mutants. By doing so, Alex easily gains their trust and often shapes their minds to see the world like he does: mutants are here to take over the place of dominant species and to assist to the end of the Homo sapiens.

NPCs: Alexander has three brothers (Aaron; Andrew and Adrian) and two sisters (Angelina; Anna). All of them are visibly mutants due to the abnormality of their eyes, each with his/her own unique power and personality. The Parkers' real parents left them when they were rather young and gave them away to a human couple that has become their father and mother through the years. Alexander has never accepted his adoptive parents, though.

History: Alexander was born in Britain, where he has lived a large portion of his life before he became a member of the rEvolution.

Most of his past living with his real parents is a blur. All he can remember is the huge mansion; expensive decorations and forests outside. He also knows that neither he nor his siblings were ever happy living on their first home. They all had home school and were forced to change their teachers many times due to the lack of experience the helpless humans had with little mutant children that enjoyed playing tricks on their poor tutors.

Alexander was 9 years old when his real parents gave him, his brothers and his sisters away to a couple that was willing to adopt all the six children. Much unlike the others, Alex's personality developed into a rather rebellious one; the actions or things the others knew to be morally wrong were probably Alexander's favorite hobbies.

It is no surprise that Alexander was often teased at school for the abnormality of his eyes - but it's not very unexpected that Alex wasn't a boy to allow these insults and provocations to pass without any consequence either. When nobody was looking, he pulled off his revenge and made sure the misbehaved kids learnt their lesson.

People know that his powers were activated when he was 14 years old; how he discovered them exactly is a mystery to all. Nobody has really asked him, but some one ever did, Alexander would probably dodge the question. It was also at this age that Alex got his tattoo.

It was only at the age of 17 that Alexander put someone in a comatose, though. The victim was a boy slightly older than him with whom Alex had gotten into a fight because of a girl. Things got nasty and Alexander refused to hold back during their confrontation; which resulted in the boy's permanent unconsciousness.

((Okay, this is the part that I don't really want to fill in yet. I'm thinking that Alexander could have met somebody who shared his ideals and views of the human race and with whom he decided to form the rEvolution. But it really depends :x I await your opinions/suggestions on my other entry ^^;;))

Anything Else: Look at icon to have a better idea of how he looks like.

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