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I'm sticky

Okay, I know you guys are probably tired of me but this is just something that came up my mind :x *bows for forgiveness*

I think that perhaps, we should create a separate community for the actual RP :x It seems that this would get a bit disorganised between RP sessions and applications and notices and more. Having two separate communities - one for applications and notices and another for the RP sessions - would probably make things a bit more organised and perhaps even easier ^^;; And then, of course, we could re-direct the members by posting a link on the rules page ooor something like that.

The RP's already started but it's just on the beggining, so I'm hoping that it wouldn't be so much of a bother to copy it to the other community (if one is created) I'm asking this to everybody (but I really want to know your oppinion Savvy ^^;;), so... what do you think? :x *hides*

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