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Hello! I've got a little proposal to make to you guys and a few questions as well.

So far there is only one formed team for females only, the Valkyries.

Here's the description of the team, given by Savvy:

The Valkyries --> Lead by Sonata, this is a group of tough, kick-ass ladies, mutant and human alike. Open membership (ladies only).

Any one interested in having their character in this team?


I think that we should create a "main" team before the RP starts. And, I think it's time for us to establish a name for it. I'm thinking that this would be a mixed team for either genders. Any name suggestions would be nice and gladly welcome!


I got an idea for a team of mutants that are not human-friendly. I've already created a character for it, I'm just not sure if it's okay with you guys that my character becomes the leader. But anyway, the name I suggest for this team would be rEvolution. ^^;; Basically, the members' beliefs would be that, the "mutants are the next stage of evolution, whose purpose is to take over the throne of dominant species and to watch the extintion of the Homo sapiens". (I suppose you could compare this to Magneto's philosophy in his Universe)

Their base will not be in New York. It could be in the USA, but perhaps it would be more logical if it were in Europe or something. Then, somehow, the rEvolution would go to the USA for some reason and end up confronting the other (mentioned above) team. :x

Anybody has anything to say against it/suggestions/want to join their characters?


I'd really like the RP to start right now! XD *laughs* But I'm sure that everybody is having doubts on how it should start and its situation (myself included). My idea was that, a couple or three members of the "main" team could go to the airport or a bus station or something to go pick up a/the new member of the team! And then it would be a nice way to quickly introduce the members, by taking the new guy/girl to the base and having him meet the other team members oooor something. Again, suggestions would be nice. ^_^;;

Would anybody like to begin the RP?

Thank you for reading! I believe that this is all I have to say :) If you got ideas or suggestions, feel free to post either here (with a comment) or on the community (with a new entry). ^^

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