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Edit: Changed the application a bit, but nothing too radical. Just to make this Sara/Reflex thing less confusing ^^; Hope it worked! [/edit]

I'm thanoodles! Before you kill me, please read the "Anything Else" :x I'll delete the other application thingy if I get acceptance to this one ^^;;

To make this a bit less confusing, I'll try to separate things (one for Sara and another for Reflex: her persona)

Character Info:
Name: Sara Smith
Age: 16
Mutant Powers: Sara has photographic memory: She can memorize anything to the smallest detail and remember it until the end of her days; skill she uses for her most important power: metamorphosis.

She just has to project the image, concentrate a bit, and in a matter of seconds she will turn into whoever and whatever she wants. Wether it be a celebrity, a male, an animal, an object. Not only can she change physically, but she can also adopt the voices, knowledges and personalities of the target she has turned in. Controlling the consequences is still a bit difficult for her. The good part about it is that all that happens is the process is the change of her appearance, so it's discreet without any sound or flashy SFX; the bad part is that she becomes completely vulnerable during her transformation. Any exterior interference on the process might have a nasty result on her appearance and health.

Codename/persona: Reflex

Affiliation: None at the moment (the good guys I hope)

Physical Description:

Sara: Sara's usual appearance is of a 16 year old girl, with blonde hair usually caught up in a ponytail. Her hair is straight and spiky at the tips and falls to her shoulders when it is down. She has dark green eyes, but it's a rather faded green opposed to the bright greens we usually see in a person's eyes. She has thin eyes and a very charming (if not contagious) smile. She is reasonably athletic and thin with generous curves for her age (one would expect that from a girl that can transform her body at will) She isn't too tall but she's not famous for being short either. Perhaps around 1,63cm/5,35 ft?

Reflex: Reflex has a creamy brown skin and her facial features are more exotic. Her body is taller, more athletic and more mature than Sara's. Her eyes become dark brown and her hair falls down to her back, with the exception of her fringe that only reaches her chin. Her hair becomes almost black with blonde tips.

note: Sara is prone to have small changes everytime she transforms into Reflex, the reason being because Reflex's appearance is taken totally from her imagination and not based on a real person.


Sara: Sara is very loud, outgoing, happy and isn't afraid of much. She has no problems in defending herself or others in need, and will gladly give out her hand to help a person. Sometimes when provocked, Sara's personality shifts into a slightly violent and rude mode, she will use bad manners and her fist if she thinks they're needed.

Because of her huge amount of cultural and linguistic knowlegde, Sara's mind is open to new experiences and doesn't give a damn about a person's differences. She loves having conversations in foreign languages and talking about different cultures and historical events. She believes that "we're all the same; we were just lucky enough to be unique as well".

Reflex: Reflex, however, is slightly different. She is definately more confident, braver and even a bit more arrogant. She is less afraid to show off her abilities and powers and even to flirt around with guys that look pretty to her.

She also gets more attention, wether it is because she is working for it or because of her appearance. She feels that she is approached by the opposite sex more often than when she is the intelligent blonde teenager. She welcomes the interest but tries her best to keep her feet on the ground before accepting any invitation from somebody to go have a conversation in a coffeeshop.

This doesn't mean that she looses completely her sense of responsibility, being that from the moment that Sara joins the team, she only chooses to change into Reflex when she is out in action and/or saving the world.

NPCs: Sara lives with both her mother and father (before moving alone to the USA) and has a large list of human and mutant friends around the globe.

History: Sara was the daughter of a very rich european couple. Her parents worked in every part of the world for a set period of time, so she had skipped from school to school; house to house; country to country; continent to continent all of her life. She knew a bit of pratically every part of the planet and was very cultural and gifted with a good set of languages.

Sara already suspected that she wasn't your average teenage girl, but it was only on her 13th birthday that she discovered her metamorphosis powers. She isn't quite sure of how it happened, all she knows was that she fell asleep, had a dream with the man of her dreams and woke up looking exactly like him. The process of understanding the whole situation and turning back to herself inside her bathroom was a long and difficult one.

It was around her 14 years that she created Reflex, her persona. Like almost every girl with her age, Sara wished she could go out at night with her friends and have some fun, but with the protective parents she had they obviously never let her. She knew why, though; to her parents she was much too young and an easy target to many people on the streets with evil intentions.

With her superpowers, she decided to picture different features and change herself gradually before being satisfied with her new look and thus, Reflex was born. What most intrigued her was that even though Sara's persona was totally imagined by her, her personality also changed when she became Reflex.

At the age of 16, her parents' new job was over at Japan. At first Sara panicked about the idea, but she got japanese lessons long before they moved to Asia and learnt a lot about Japan's culture before she began to live there. A short amount of time passed before she heard about the mutant group in the USA and before she decided to change her address once more to join them, giving the excuse to her parents that she wanted to settle in and complete her schoolar education in a place full of opportunities.

Anything Else: Um, you can get a pretty good idea of what Sara looks like in my icon.

Okay, explaining time!
Believe it or not, this "persona" was actually how Sara looked like when I first created her back in 2001. At the time she was supposed to be a rebelious girl that joined my created mutant team assuming the appearance of another girl who had been murdered. Nobody knew about this, but in the same team was this guy that had been the late girl's boyfriend, so a dramatic story ensued between Reflex and that guy.

oops I'm missing my point! *ahem*

So anyway, after the years went by I decided to change Sara's appearance and adapt her to the "real world", making her a teenage mutant girl with a normal story and personality (well, almost), but I didn't want to give up with "old" Sara, so yesterday I decided that it would be possible that Sara had a persona whom she had created with her own powers, and thus the old Reflex was re-born!

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