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Hey kiddies! It's hipthrust, in case you were wondering. ^^ otoselkie gave me the idea to create a journal specifically to rp from, so here it is! I'll eventually have an icon for all three of my characters (yes, I will have three characters, as potentially disastrous as that sounds), and I'll be making all my roleplay posts here under this name, so I'll be using a different icon for each character I use. (For example, if I decide to make a post about Farai, I'll post with this icon *points*, and if I decide to post as Kara or Freya, then I'll use their icons...once I make them, that is. ^^;;)

So yeah. We'll just see how long I can stand logging out of my journal and logging back into this one just to post rp posts here will last. HA. Yeah, I'm impatient. I'll get over it. I think.

Anyways, just a brief little announcement. I'm off now. Night kiddies. ^^

PS - Feel free to start roleplay any time you'd like! Just because I'm not around/making rp posts doesn't mean you can't. Roleplay away!

PPS - I'm looking for a co-mod to review and pass verdicts on apps, preferably someone who has some rping experience and is online more than me. I'm thinking Rave or Noodles? I dunno, I'm just going to be extremely busy over the next week or so, and I'm not sure how much attention I'll be able to pay to my baby, so I think I'll need someone to fill in for me. Thanks!

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