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Personal Info
♥ Name: LeeAnn, but you can call me tim lolzerz
♥ E-mail: if you really really want it you may ask


Character Info:
Name: Damien Weiman - Damien means "sweet and harmless" in Greek
Age: 17 1/2
Mutant Powers: retractable tail! O_____O plus speed and agility and a slightly rubberlike body
Codename: none, he has noone to give him one

Affiliation: none yet

♥ Physical Description:
Height: 5'7''
Hair Color: red
Hair Style: sort and manageable with some bangs in the front
Eye Color: clear blue
Build: thin and lanky, with long arms and legs
Skin: fair skin, he doesn't get a lot of sun
Clothing: wears baggy clothing, but is actually more comfortable in tighter shirts, will wear something like underarmor under another shirt

Personality: Damien's very, very shy and doesn't adjust well to new settings or people at first, he needs time to get used to his new surroundings. He's eager to please people, though, and is friendly when you meet him, even if it's obvious if he's feeling very uneasy. He's not a complete wimp, though, and can talk his way out of an argument and deal with bullies rather well. But he's defenseless when caught off guard or surprised in a conversation. And he's not necessarily naieve either.
Damien would honestly love to make and have more friends, but he's to shy to approach anyone. If you were to approach him instead, and he realizes that your intent is honorable, he will warm up to you in time.

NPCs: his mother and father, Damien also has an older brother but I may develop him as a character later ;)

History: Damien was borne with an small defect in his lower back. This was, in fact, his tail. x3 It first appeared when Damien was 12 and he was feeling miserable while sick at home. Now, 5 years later, it appears whenever he gets stressed out or feels any sort of particularly strong emotion (as well as when he wills it to, which is not quite often). Damien is now terrified that someone will find out about his being a mutant and does his best to hide it, wearing baggy clothing and keeping to himself in his room at home.
No one outside his family has found out about his birth defect, but they don't bring it up or mention it because they know it will upset Damien. Also, it doesn't hold him back in any way, he's still a healthy young man.
The rest Damien's family is a very normal upper-class suburban family. Both of his parents have good jobs and he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle.

Anything Else: When Damien knows he's alone at home and in his room, he'll take it out because it stresses him even more and cramps when he retracts it. He'll still lock his door, though. Sometimes when his parents leave town for the weekend he'll go around the rest of the house with his tail out, but he'll still keep the blinds closed when the lights are on and do whatever he can to protect his secret. Once when he was 14, he tried running and leaping around with his then-developing speed, but broke a lamp and narrowly avoided a run-in with his mom when she came home from work! He hasn't tried it again since.

What Damien really needs is to meet other people "like him," that's what he dreams of. Then, hopefully, he'll be able to open up more and relax.

I have some doodles of him so far, but nothing finished or finalized yet. His appearance might change a tiny, tiny bit, but I don't think so. ;) I'll post them as soon as I finish - and I can't wait for the RP to start. Damien's character sends me into fits of giggles.
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