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Application to Join: Mutant

Personal Info
| Name: Annagen Eva
| E-mail:

Character Info:
| Name: Sophie Matheson

| Age: 15

| Mutant Powers: Sophie can absorb objects into her body by touching them and then disgorge them later. She carries their weight, however, so she can’t absorb anything she is not strong enough carry. She can also push her hands into objects, use them to anchor herself, but no farther than her wrists.
| Codename: None.

| Affiliation: None as of yet. She would probably join one of approached, though.

| Physical Description: Fairly pale skin, shoulder-length brown hair that she usually ties in a braid, plain face with a flat nose, and brown eyes. Can usually be seen wearing jeans and a tee-shirt (even in winter) and a multicolored polar fleece when the weather is cool enough. Sophie is thin for her age, and, while I wouldn't describe her as muscular, she's strong enough.

| Personality: Extremely shy. Sophie is very quiet, and isn’t likely to be the first to speak in any situation. However, once she had decided on someone she will trust them without reserve – something that could easily get her into trouble. She could easily be manipulated by a friend or someone in authority (i.e. an older classmate) that she trusts. She will follow almost any lead. Sophie can keep her head in a tense situation, and she’s resourceful as well as a fast thinker. Strategy is beyond her though, I’m afraid, as are politics (at least when she herself is involved). Sophie has very little concept of the fact that she can be manipulated, and so would be an easy target. I could completely see her being tricked into doing something stupid or going onto ‘the other side’.

| NPCs: Father, brother and mother.

| History: Sophie grew up with her father, a University physics professor, and her brother, William. Her parents are divorced, and her mother, Margaret, lives nearby, working as a magazine editor. William and Sophie are a year apart in age and very close. Sophie lives with her father, but sees her mother on weekends. Sophie passed through elementary school without distinguishing herself academically – though she has always excelled at art.
At the age of thirteen, Sophie discovered she was a mutant when a she accidentally absorbed a pencil. Since then she has learned how to un-absorb objects, but not how to keep herself from absorbing them. She has accidentally pushed her hands into things (leaned on them and then discovered her hands had sunk in), and she can undo that, but again, can’t control it. William knows she is a mutant ever since he walked in on her with her hands stuck in the kitchen table. He is uncomfortable with this, but he cares too much about her to 'out' her secret. Neither of her parents know (yet...)

| Anything Else: I have no previous RPG experience. Ziltch. So please handle with care :). Do I need a separate journal for this? Or a 'Sophie' icon? Anything else you want up there?
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