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Personal Info
Name: ya'll can call me Savvy, kids
E-mail: harulovescheese@yahoo.com

Character Info
Name: Farai Nkruma Jelani
Age: 20

Mutant Powers: Farai can cause people to fall asleep using his voice. He has a special sort of telepathy which allows him to enter and manipulate people's dreams, and in doing so he enters their subconscious mind, meaning that he can access repressed memories and other subconscious thoughts stored away in the person's mind. Though he can (or rather, will be able to, with some training) cause many people, even a fairly large crowd to fall asleep and enter their subconscious, this would drain a lot of his power, and so he tends only to use his powers on one person at a time. As soon as he breaks the connection with them (as in, if he is jarred away/hit with something, distracted so that he breaks his concentration and can no longer focus on the person he's using his powers on), whether it is deliberately broken or not, the person will either slowly come to or jolt awake, depending on whether the connection is broken or purposely stopped.
Codename: Hypnos

Affiliation: none at the moment

Physical Description: Farai is extremely tall; or at least, he seems extremely tall. Standing at 6'2", he is rather thin and lanky, though his frame and form are graceful and his curves are smooth and soft. Everything about him feels gentle and inviting, and, surprisingly enough, he's actually not all bones. His features are rather elongated, and he has a rather long, angular face with a slightly squared chin tipped with a cute little triangular goatee.

His nose is somewhat large, and plump around the nostrils. His eyes are a rich auburn, with a ring of vibrant emerald green around the outside (his eyes tend to change colours with mood, the green flaring inwards towards his pupils and vice versa), and he wears thin, rectangular glasses with rather thick black frames for his near-sightedness. His lips are plump, but not overly so, and his bottom lip is pierced (he typically wears a silver spike in the piercing).

His skin is a rich, chocolatety-mocha colour, very warm and earthy. His hair and goatee are both bleach blonde (he dyes them), and he has carefully crafted sideburns that fade out about midway down his cheeks. His hair is in dreadlocks, and he typically wears it tied back in a messy ponytail mounted high atop his head. His left ear is pierced three times, once in his lobe, once slightly higher up his lobe, and once on his crest. In these piercings he wears a silver ring, a .2 gauge, and a hooked silver spike, respectively.

Farai is a very snazzy dresser. He always likes to look nice, feel clean, and smell good, so he always wears really soft, good-smelling cologne or after-shave and washes constantly. He also takes very good care of his nails and always uses good-smelling lotion to keep his skin nice and soft. He always wears at least five rings on his hands, though he has quite a few more and tends to alternate which rings he wears. He can typically be seen in "casual dresswear," meaning khakis, cargo pants, and sometimes slightly flared jeans or khakis accompanied by a nice top of some kind, typically a turtleneck. He likes turtlenecks. He also really likes snugly fitting shirts, and he looks damn good in them, so no one's complaining.

Personality: The first thing everyone notices about Farai is that he is extremely articulate and utterly brilliant. The next thing they notice is his great big genuine smile. He smiles a lot. And he loves to laugh. He has a great sense of humour, and is very friendly, so he's always happy to meet new people; he's most likely that guy who randomly struck up a conversation with you at the grocery store when you were checking out pears. People remember Farai, because he's a really nice guy, and he's always so positive and generates such good energy, he just tends to leave people feeling a little bit better than they were feeling before.

Farai is a passionate writer, of both the prose and verse variety. He's extremely well-read and enjoys having intellectual conversations with whoever is interested. He can actually be a really fun guy, too, which surprises a lot of people, though I'm not quite sure why.

Farai also has a really great fashion sense, and a really great taste in general. People often wonder if he's gay, but he'll never say whether he is or not as he sees it as being of no consequence (why should anyone care? would they really think differently of him? would it matter?). He prefers to keep his personal life just that--personal. If he does date, nearly no one knows about it. He enjoys his solitude and peace and quiet and actually enjoys being single, which some people just can't understand. He's fairly independent and doesn't really feel like he needs a partner to feel comfortable or secure.

Farai doesn't care whether someone is a mutant or not. In fact, he could care less about any difference a person might posess (i.e. if someone is gay, black, etc). He truly feels that we are all humans, so what does it matter whether someone believes in one thing or another, or whether they look or act or do whatever differently than one person or another. We're all humans. He's extremely laid back and is always willing to admit when he's wrong and to listen to other people even if their ideas differ greatly from his own, as long as he can have an engaging, two-way conversation and the sentiment is returned.

No doubt about it, though, Farai does have his opinions, and he will defend them passionately, though he never means to be confrontational. Some people just can't handle his strong personality, though, and get offended when he argues his point. He's more interested in asking questions, getting answers, asking more questions, seeking the truth and expanding his and the other person's ways of thinking--he's a philosopher, in this sense--but some people just can't understand this. He's also fascinated with the unconscious mind, and he loves surrealism in art and in writing, as well, and as such is attracted to very "bizarre," offbeat artists and circles of people.

NPCs: his gray and white striped cat named Romulus and his calico cat named Remus, both females, ironically enough, keep him company in his apartment. He also lives with his roommate, Sirus (pronounced SIGH-russ) Jacobson, who tends to keep to himself. He's rather quiet and introverted, and he and Farai get along extremely well (they're so close and their relationship is kept so successfully behind closed doors that many people suspect that they're just a bit more than friends). He is a painter, which is actually how the two met--Farai was invited to one of Sirus's shows by his friend who owned the gallery his art was being shown in (remember that bizarre surreal art I mentioned earlier? yup, that's Sirus). His friend introduced him to Sirus, and the two hit it off right away. Sirus mentioned that he was looking for a roommate, and soon after Farai was moving into his roomy and meticulously clean apartment in the city.

History: Farai was born and raised in Jamaica until he was five years old, and the accent has never really left him. When he was five his parents got together enough money to send him to live with his aunt and uncle in America. He lived in their large country home in Oklahoma for eight more years before his parents finally managed to get together enough money (combined with the money his aunt and uncle sent to them) to come over to the states, as well. By this time Farai had two younger siblings - three year old Adisa and five year old Amadi. He was a jovial boy, and he readily accepted them into his life, nurturing, loving, and protecting them with surprising sincerity.

His parents started their own business importing goods from Jamaica and did rather well for themselves, starting out small and eventually shipping all over the country. Farai finished high school in Oklahoma (he graduated at age 17, since he started school a year early, he was so smart) and studied abroad in Europe and Africa for two years of college. He then decided to go back to Jamaica and study there for a year (thus renewing the accent of his homeland), living with relatives during his stay, before coming back to the states. He moved to New York for his last year of his college, where he currently lives with his roommate Sirus and his two cats, Romulus and Remus.

Growing up, Farai was always a good-natured boy, very friendly and genial. He would talk to people he met anywhere and was always very trusting, which worried his aunt and uncle. They had a very difficult time convincing him he shouldn't talk to strangers, and never really succeeded, for even to this day he tends to talk to anyone and everyone, treating everyone with equal kindness, respect, and trust, even bums on the streets of the city, which, all things considered, probably isn't really all that great a habit for him to have when living in New York.

Farai had always had a very soothing, melodic voice that was almost hypnotic. It was always pleasant to listen to him talk, and it didn't really matter what he was talking about. He did talk a lot, too. Nearly nonstop. But no one really seemed to mind.

When he was about fourteen he was talking to Amadi, who was spellbound by the words he spoke, even though she understood virtually nothing he was talking about. His thoughts began to drift as he went on, and when he came back to reality, he was rather displeased to find that his younger sister had fallen asleep. He was about to tell her that that wasn't very nice, and that if she hadn't been interested she should have told him, when her dreams began to creep into his thoughts, skirting along the outer edges of his consciousness. Noticing this, he grasped at them mentally, struggling to take hold of them, but they disappeared and Amadi awoke suddenly as if nothing had happened, wondering why he had stopped speaking.

Now, Farai was a very smart boy, and this intruiged him. He began experimenting with speech and concentration, seeing if certain inflections, tones, or words would have the same effect. Eventually he managed to grasp the fact that he could cause people to fall asleep and then enter their dreams simply using his voice (he only realized this after watching a special on the Discovery Channel about hypnotists). It wasn't until sometime later that he realized that this also meant he could enter people's subconscious thoughts. However, being the ethical boy that he continues to be to this day, he prefers not to pry too much into people's minds, and only uses his power on fairly rare occasions. After all, he seems to have a knack for getting people to open up to him all on his own.

Anything Else: Farai is currently studying English Literature, Creative Writing, Comparative Religion, Global Mythology, Economics, Psychology, and Global Philosophy. He's a very smart kid. ;) Oh and PICTURE. That is all. <4

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