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Application to join: Mutant

Personal Info
Name: Leiko
E-mail: leikogryffinnoir@yahoo.com

Character Info:
Name: Rhea Peitterson
Age: 27
Codename: Kurayami (Darkness, for all intents and purposes)

Mutant Powers: Purple ‘light’ (energy) blasts from hands, but it only affects living beings. She has retractable claws, cat-like eyes that can see in total darkness, fangs, heightened hearing, three times the strength of a normal human of her stature, and a nose that rivals that of most canines. She has the ability to link with her hawk, but can do no more than see through its eyes.

Affiliation: None

Physical Description: Stands at 5’ 5” and has a trim yet muscular build. Though originally pale, her complexion is now somewhat dark, as if she had spent a lot of time in the sun. Her hair is long, reaching the middle of her back, and is black with silver streaks, and has an ‘untamed’ quality. Her eyes are like a cat’s, and vary in color from pale yellow to deep green based on her mood. She has normal human fingernails but, below those, has a set of retractable feline claws which extend to about 1 inch and are creamy white in color. Her ears are pointed but are usually hidden by her hair when in public. Her teeth are somewhat sharper than a normal human’s, but not so as to be noticed by a causal glance.
She usually wears dark colors such as purples and reds. Normally she can be found wearing a skin-tight outfit with a pack on her back, and she also wears a long, animal-print coat. She has a gold hoop earring in her left ear, and a gold chain about her neck from which hangs a small bird pendant. She usually has a bandana tied ‘round her head. She does, of course, wear a special glove on her left hand for her hawk to perch upon.

Personality: She tends to be suspicious of others, and is slow to trust. She’s somewhat antisocial and prefers to work alone, but occasionally makes exceptions. Her memory is not the best, and so she forgets things like names and the time of meetings on a regular basis. This only adds to her suspicious nature. On a deeper level, she is very ethical, if somewhat aggressive and overly willing to kill if she feels the victim deserves it. Once her trust is won, it stays won.

NPCs: trained hawk (bit of a pet; used primarily for spying; doesn’t really have a name)

History: She is the only child of two middle-class parents. Her powers manifested at age 12, starting with heightened senses. Over the course of two years she underwent the physical changes and started showing signs of her more obvious power (i.e. the purple light blast). Her parents, though afraid of these changes, did not love her any less but tried to find a way to make the strange abilities go away. She was home schooled from the time of the first obvious signs of her mutant power and so led a secluded life. Her only real friends were her pets, as her parents didn’t want the neighborhood children finding out that their daughter was ‘different’. Still, she had always been something of a loner so the isolation didn’t bother her much.
At the age of 17 her feral nature began to take over. She started to react more with instinct and less with reason. Realizing that this behavior could prove dangerous to those around her, she ran away from home. Eventually she lost herself deep in the forests and taught herself to control those animalistic urges. While in the woods she came across a hawk’s nest with a single chick in it. Remembering how much she missed her old pets, she took the chick and cared for it. As the chick grew to adulthood, she realized that she could see through its eyes if she concentrated hard enough. She used this new-found power to hunt, and trained the hawk to ‘patrol’, ‘guard’, and ‘spy’. Having spent so much time and effort in training her hawk, she never bothered to see if she could link with any other creatures.
Three years after running away, she was discovered by two poachers when they shot the deer she’d been stalking. Knowing that the men should not be in her territory, she allowed her feral side to take over. The poachers, too stunned to react in time, were killed by her blast of purple energy. The encounter reminded her that there was a world beyond the trees, and that she was lonely. Taking what items she could carry from the dead poachers, she called her hawk and followed the men’s trail back to their truck, and from there rejoined society.
She went on to work as a free-lance assassin, though she made sure to only kill people who deserved it. She hid her powers and dropped her birth name, for fear her parents would find out she was working as a killer for hire. Instead, she now goes by the name she chose for herself.

Anything Else:
I tend to draw things...lots and lots of drawing.
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