February 20th, 2005



I know, I'm a pain in the ass, but I've decided to move all roleplay all over to exmen_rp. That is, from this point all, all rping will go down there, leaving this journal for applications, notices, and general rp-related conversation only. All OOC stuff. Noodles and I just think it'd keep things cleaner and less cluttered and confusing that way. Also, it'd avoid the possibility of people missing rp action here as it got lost between annoying mod posts and applications.

Sound good? Certainly hope so. ^^

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here come the Valkyries

Personal Info
Name: Savvy, der

Character Info
Name: Freya Steinbeck
Name Reference/Meaning: Freya was the name of the fiesty warrior leader of the Valkyries in Norse mythology :3
Age: 25

Bitch, plz.Collapse )

PS - Here is a prettyfull nakey picture of Freya. No, not there, here. Silly.

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Edit: All right, the RP's fully-begun and going strong! Please join in anytime at exmen_rp *feels very mod-like all of a sudden*

I posted this before on the original starting RP thread, but incase you haven't seen....

The RP thread has now been moved over to exmen_rp. If you've posted already, re-post there (copy and paste) and once everything is over there the RPing can continue without a hitch and either Savvy or I can delete the post here. :)

If you've not joined in the RPing yet, you still can! The only thing that's more-or-less concrete now is that Rachel comes up and talks to Damien, then he tries to get away. xD
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