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Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
9:54p - [mod post] more to come

Soon to come: Hypnos and Sonata. But in the meantime, a couple sketches of Hypnos. Because I felt obligated to create the token bishounen. And because he's smexy.

dream a little dream of meCollapse )

I need to come up with a civilian name for him. Any ideas? He's Jamaican, if that helps any.

I'll write up his profile and Sonata's when I get the chance, whenever that may be.

[Edit: for Hypnos's civilian name, I was considering any of the following African names:

Jelani, Kato, Munashe, Nkruma, Sipho, Adisa, Amadi, Anan, Farai.

I know they're not Jamaican, and Jamaica's nothing like Africa, but I like them and they sound cool. So there.]

current mood: creative

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10:40p - Enter Hikaru: Hyperactive Crazy Kittie Girl
Personal Info
Name: Hikaru Shirou
E-mail: hikarushirou@yahoo.com - unique, ne? - -;

Character Info:
Name: Sasha M. Farley
Age: 13
Mutant Powers: Sasha has the wonderful ability to control the nature of water and anything related to it [that means mist too]. Her codename is celtic for 'sea jewel'.
Codename: Ula

Affiliation: None for now.
Physical Description: Beacause teh Hikaru is lazy, here is a picture.
Personality: Sasha is normally quiet and tends to keep to herself. Sometimes she can even be caught talking to what isn't there. [ie. her imaginary friend]
NPCs: None at the moment, even though I listed she has an imaginary friend. >.>; Ssh!
History: Sasha's mother and father died in a plane crash during a business trip and she was left in the care of her grandparents. These happy times soon came to an end when Sasha was taking a swim in their pool and happened to make a swirling vortex of doom that swallowed up her grandparents. Traumatized from this event she fled from her home to hide from the people she knew and loved. She hasn't completely controlled her powers and because of this is often afraid of herself.

Anything Else: hipthrust is teh sexz0rz! :D *rapes* .... Er...right, sorry for not filling in everything at the moment. It's 11PM and I can't think. D:  *looks shifty eyes then runs off like a rabid test tube bunnie*

current mood: sleepy

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