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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
3:22p - Enter..teh Rave XD
Personal Info
♥ Name: Rave
♥ E-mail: pssailorphobos@gmail.com

Character Info:
♥ Name: Dara Shula
♥ Age: 18
♥ Mutant Powers:
Dara has two abilities combined into one. Not only can she produce flames from her finger tips, but can then manipulate the shadows cause by the flames.
Other abilities include lighting fires with her mind. However, she can't light huge ones, only candles and the such, and also extinguish them as well. As for Darkness, she can meld instantaneously with any shadow and not be detected.
♥ Codename: Shadowcatcher

♥ Affiliation: N/A

♥ Physical Description: Short, spikey pink hair, with long bangs that fade to purple and then to black. She's very tan due to Native American descent, and average height. Average build. No piercings. One tattoo on her neck that has yet to be figure out as to it's meaning. Often wears whatever's comfortable.

♥ Personality: Laid back, go with the flow. Her motto is most often "forgive and forget". She doesn't like to dwell on things because of her past. She'd rather be upbeat and happy then, sad and bringing everyone else down. In crowds she can be shy around others, though if by herself, she doesn't care.

♥ NPCs: N/A

♥ History: Dara's mom is Native American and Her father Irish. Odd coupling, but her mother met him on an extended trip to New York.
Growing up with her family was fine. In fact her mom had had latent mutant abilities that she rarely used, so becoming a mutant wasn't all that bad. However, Dara had met a girl she loved dearly. She had been afraid to tell her parents, and when they found out she was kicked out. They still keep in touch, But Dara thought it best to go out on her own and do what she could for herself.
Her flame abilities were her first mutation. Normally the second wouldn't come to much later, but this stressful experience, and her always wanting to hide, brought about her shadow mutation. Being by herself in an apartment and working part time at a video store, she's learned, tested and developed her abilities.

♥ Anything Else: Pictures to come!! you know I will! :D

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