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Application to join: Mutant

Personal Info
Name: Charissa

Character Info
Name: Rachel Lin
Age: 17

Mutant Powers: Rachel can freeze time for a short while and move around during that temporal stasis. She does not need to actively will time to continue to freeze, but after awhile the effect will wear off and time will start to move again. With experience, she will eventually be able freeze time for longer periods, but now she can only achieve a temporal stasis of about five minutes at most. If she doesn't return to the exact location and position she was when she stopped time when she starts time, it would appear to anyone watching that she spasmed into that new position - something like skipping a frame in a movie.

Codename: Timeframe

Affiliation: N/A as of yet.

Physical Description: She's Chinese and of slightly lower-than-average height (about 160cm). She looks rather nondescript and can blend in the background if she wants to. Her hair is black, long and at about shoulder blade length, and it's usually pulled back into a loose ponytail with an asymmetrical fringe sloping down towards the left. Um. Yeah, that's about it. She normally wears shirts, jeans and sweaters.

Personality: Rachel is generally cheerful and friendly, but she's also shy, introverted and rather quiet. She's very analytical and never rushes into things, and thinks way more than she talks. She prefers listening to talking, and will comfortably fall into the position of follower if she is not obligated to lead. She will, however, take the role of the leader if she feels she has to (but won't be very comfortable doing so); more often than not she is a background player. She's very loyal and will doggedly defend and support those she loves. She's elitist, though, and unabashedly biased (although she rarely shows it). She dislikes change.

NPCs: N/A. Actually, her dog.

History: She grew up in Singapore (hehh, my country) and moved to America on her own when she was sixteen to study there. Now she lives on her own with her labrador retriever in a small but comfortable apartment, and has a lot of privacy which she likes. She keeps in touch with her parents and friends back in her home country, and has started to make friends in America. It was tough manifesting mutant powers in a foreign country all alone, as there was no one to turn to, but it also meant no awkward questions from parental units which was quite convenient.

Anything Else: Not yet. XD
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